April 2, 2017

Newport Beach & Balboa Island’s Most Famous & Legendary Bars

pubclub_logoOne can be entertained just by looking at the walls like this one behind the bar.
Nothing fancy about this place, down to the peanut shells (tho they ask you not do dump them on the floor). A classic afternoon drinking bar it’s right next to Beach Ball across the parking lot from the beach and the pier. Not surprisingly, this is a cash-only bar.

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February 27, 2016

Best Dive Bars In Orange County

You’re not a Newport Beach local until you’ve been to Blackie’s By The Sea, which has existed since 1953 (when the beach was just a summer destination). The beach/surf spot was actually named after the bar (i.e., Blackie’s beach), because locals used the building as a landmark from the water.

blackies-by-the-sea_420x316If you’re up for a cold one (and they have a thermometer above the door that tells you how cold their beer on tap is), and you’re looking for an authentic, historical beach city bar, head over to Blackie’s. Just

November 5, 2015


Blackie’s, Newport’s classic beachbreak, bordering the pier and the 28th Street Jetty, carries the weight of its history lightly, constantly refreshed by new blood. Some distance from PCH, it seems to have escaped the gentrification and makeover that has rendered classic surf spots like Huntington nearly unrecognizable from their earlier, funkier incarnations.

Referred to initially as 22nd Street, it eventually became known as Blackie’s, named after Blackie’s By The Sea, a bar visible from the line-up. In the longboard era it was the main base for the Newport Beach

February 6, 2014

Blackie’s By the Sea Has the Coldest Beer in Town–And the Oldest Men

There’s a framed sign dated 2013 hanging on the wall at Blackie’s By the Sea, hidden among decades of old photos and nautical taxidermy, commemorating a man for 50 years of drinking there. Let that soak in for a moment. This man has swilled at this seaside bar longer than the average American marriage lasts. He was sipping beer here before the Beatles invaded America. How’s that for commitment?

I’ve never met the man honored, but I imagine he’d tell me that Blackie’s hasn’t changed much since it

July 10, 2010

Best Bars In America – Esquire

Beaches are lovely places. They are also, however, edges. As such, they tend to collect people who would probably press onward if they didn’t have all that water in front of them. The restless, the rootless, the retired. Few bars we know cater to this constituency so well as Blackie’s, an authentic beachfront dive if ever there was one. If your idea of a beach bar involves bikinis and straws sticking out of coconuts, seek ye elsewhere. If it has room for gruff bartenders, crusty regulars, shockingly cold beer, and